Week of March 16th, 2011

Sorry for missing last week's post....  week got away from me and so on... I hope everyone has been enjoying the spring weather!  Spring in Utah is one of my favorite times.   You can have a foot of snow one day then 50 degrees and sun the next.  We did end up getting a another large snowstorm the first week of March.  Anywhere from 24-38 inches fell.  This brought our snowpack to … [Read more...]

Week of March 1st, 2011

Feels a little bit like the movie "Groundhog Day" around the Canyons these days.....  Last week's storm did not disappoint.  Another 20-40 inches fell across the northern Utah mountains.  Canyons checked in at 27 inches for the 3 day storm total.  Walking around the resort Saturday you could hear the excitement and see the smiles on everyone's faces...except for those with beards in which … [Read more...]

Week of Feb. 22nd, 2011

Wow! Is about all you can say about the last storm and  the current skiing and riding conditions….  “Best Day of Year” has been a common term passed along from friends and visitors alike.  One friend went as far as saying best day in a couple seasons!  Long and short its great out here at Canyons so if you don’t have plans yet for a late Feb/March trip book it ASAP. Recap of the … [Read more...]

Week of Feb 16th, 2011

Hope everyone enjoyed the spring-like weather over the past week.  Things will change pretty quickly tomorrow ushering in a rather significant pattern change for the foreseeable future. Things get going tomorrow morning in the form of wind.  Winds on the mountain will range 35-55 mph with gusts to over 80 mph on the ridge tops.  Thus expect some lift delays/closures. Snow should start up … [Read more...]

Week of Feb 9, 2011

Nice storm last night…led to some great skiing this morning… Storm totals were around 8-18 inches...Highest over in the Alta area.  4 day storm totals ranged about 10-24 inches.. so a bit lower than forecast Pretty dull weather week coming up. Today: Sunny   High near 20 Tonight: Clear and cold    low near zero Wednesday – Thursday: Partly Cloudy highs in the mid 20’s and … [Read more...]